PMTNM & MTNA Student Programs

Professional Music Teachers of New Mexico offers a wider musical experience to it’s teachers and their students than is ordinarily afforded in private music study.

Our programs encompass competitive as well as non-competitive programs to meet the needs of all our students.

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The purposes of the Music Teachers National Association Performance competitions are to provide educational experiences for students and teachers and to recognize exceptionally talented young artists and their teachers in their pursuit of musical excellence. The state competitions are considered the primary educational level with the division and national levels showcasing outstanding performance and honoring significant pedagogical achievement.

Read about all of NM student programs on this page and visit the MTNA Competition website for detailed guidelines.

PMTNM Student Programs

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PEP (Performance Evaluation Program)

The Performance Evaluation Program (PEP) is a non-competitive, sequentially advancing program with Levels I – XII. Students perform repertoire pieces, technique, and cadences for an experienced Adjudicator who provides positive written and verbal comments. Each student receives a rating, certificate and a ribbon. Trophies are earned in the third and sixth years of participation. PEP auditions are usually held throughout the state in May and are coordinated by the local Chair.

Student Honors Program *

The Student Honors Program is a competitive program for elementary through college age piano, voice, and instrumental students. Students first compete at the district level. Winners from each district then compete at the PMTNM State Conference in November. The state winners are featured on the Winners Recital on Saturday evening at the state conference. Click here for an application.

For more information contact: Melissa Toedtman, (piano);  Marion Pack,  (non-piano).

Repertoire Change to Piano Honors Guidelines:

Piano repertoire is left to the discretion of the teacher. All compositions played must be in their entirety, no cuts or excerpts – for example: an entire sonatina/sonata movement or an entire set of variations.Transcriptions are allowed but simplified arrangements are not.

Voice Requirement Changes (May 2011) plus this: * By action of the Board at its April, 2015 meeting, Honors Voice requirements have been changed to include Broadway selections.

Music Bowl

Calling all students: Come one, come all to the Music Bowl!
Have fun and win prizes for answering questions about theory and history.

All are welcome!

The Music Bowl is held every year at the state conference. This fun competition is split into two levels:

Level one is comprised of material that appears in books 1-4 of the Keith Snell theory book series, such as:

  •   Major and minor key signatures up to 4 sharps or flats
  •   Spelling triads that appear in the above keys
  •   Rhythms that include sixteenth notes
  •   Basic information about composers such as where they were born and
    whether they belong to the baroque, classical, romantic or modern period
  • Various musical terms such as subito, a tempo, etc.

Study guide for Elementary level click here

Level two is comprised of more advanced material than the level one concepts listed above. Questions may include:

  • Major and minor key signatures (all)
  • Spelling triads in the above keys
  • Complex rhythms that may include dotted or syncopated patterns
  • Basic information about composers such as where they were born and
    whether they belong to the baroque, classical, romantic or modern period
  • Various musical terms such as D.C al Fine, giocoso, etc.

Study guide for Intermediate level click here

To participate, sign up your students on the click here conference enrollment form and send the appropriate fees to Jeanne Grealish prior to October 20, 2016. Then, please email Lauryn Bomse with the ages and levels of your participating students. See you at the Music Bowl!

MTNA Student Programs

Junior Performance * Senior Performance * Young Artist Performance * Chamber Music Competitions
The Junior, Senior, Young Artist and Chamber Music competitions consist of three levels: state, division, and national. The state level MTNA competitions are usually held prior to the State Conference. The winners of each level and category advance to the Southwest division competitions which are held in January. Competitions are held for piano, voice, instrumental, and composition categories. The state winners perform on the Winners Recital at the State Conference.

Click here to visit the competitions page on for details.

Composition Competition

The purpose of the Music Teachers National Association composition competition is to encourage creativity and self-expression in student musicians through the art of composing and to recognize their achievements, as well as the significant work of their teachers.

There are four levels for the composition competition: elementary, junior, senior, and young artist. There are three levels of competition: state, division, and national. The winning composers are invited to perform their work at the State Conference.

Click here to visit the competitions page on for details.

Joyce Walker Young Artist Award

Young Artist winners from each category of the state Young Artist competition (see MTNA Performance Competitions) are invited to compete for the Joyce Walker Young Artist Award. The winner is required to perform on the Winners Recital.

Annual awards are made to all State Honors and MTNA State Competitions first place winners.

Click here to visit the Young Artist’s page on for details.  

MTNA Music For Everyone

Music Achievement Award Program

The purpose of MTNA’s Music Achievement Award Program is to help encourage ALL the students in the teacher’s studio, especially the “everyday” students, to continue their music study and to strive to achieve goals that will not only help them become better musicians, but also will enhance their love and appreciation of music.

Please visit for more details.

Music Study Award Program

The MTNA Music Study Award motivates students by acknowledging their commitment to music lessons. As students progress through music lessons, this program offers elegant certificates celebrating their accomplishments. These awards recognize years of music study completed in two-year increments up to twelve years of study.

Studio Festival Program

The MTNA Studio Festival Program will allow students to soar musically in a nationally sponsored event, held in your own studio. This program is another way to showcase your students’ musical talents in an exciting and meaningful performance opportunity. In addition to enjoying a stimulating performance experience, your students will receive a supportive critique from an experienced musician and an official certificate recognizing their participation.