MTNA Music For Everyone

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Music Achievement Award Program

The purpose of MTNA’s Music Achievement Award Program is to help encourage ALL the students in the teacher’s studio, especially the “everyday” students, to continue their music study and to strive to achieve goals that will not only help them become better musicians, but also will enhance their love and appreciation of music.

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Music Study Award Program

The MTNA Music Study Award motivates students by acknowledging their commitment to music lessons. As students progress through music lessons, this program offers elegant certificates celebrating their accomplishments. These awards recognize years of music study completed in two-year increments up to twelve years of study.

Studio Festival Program

The MTNA Studio Festival Program will allow students to soar musically in a nationally sponsored event, held in your own studio. This program is another way to showcase your students’ musical talents in an exciting and meaningful performance opportunity. In addition to enjoying a stimulating performance experience, your students will receive a supportive critique from an experienced musician and an official certificate recognizing their participation.