Letters from the President

Oct, 2017  Conference News and Updates

If you haven’t registered for the November Conference, please do

so quickly. We have planned a spectacular weekend for all of us

hard-working music teachers. It is really fun and rewarding to see

all of you every year, and exchange stories of our Studios and



Oct. 19. Music Bowl Theory Event

Oct. 20. Student Registration Form

Oct. 25. Ensemble Registration

Oct. 27. Conference Registration


Changes to this year’s activities include the following:

1. There will be no Tertullia this year due to lack of interest. There will be a reception for the

performers and parents and friends following the honors concert. Albuquerque Music

Teachers Association will be hosting this.

2. Student competition winners will be presented at the Winners’ Concert instead of the

Ensemble Concert. The Board felt that they should be recognized equally with the

performers. For this reason, each winner representative in honors and MTNA auditions will

be asked to play one movement of their winning performance not to exceed five minutes in

length in order to keep the concert to a reasonable time limit.

3. The Vocal Master Class has been eliminated due to lack of interest and no clinician. Instead,

we are inviting all vocalists to team up with a pal to perform in the Ensemble Recital at 2:15.

This will give our vocalists an outlet to perform for the membership.

4. The General Membership meeting will be held at 5:00 pm on Thursday, Nov. 9 instead of on

Sunday as most teachers wanted to go home following the concert on Saturday. Please plan

on attending.


We are honored to have as our special guest Dr. Gary Ingle who will speak on Friday regarding

Music and Healing. He has also agreed to do a one hour question and answer session on

Saturday morning on the benefits of membership in MTNA. This will be held at 10:45 AM on

Saturday — Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Dr. Ingle.


In order for you to make plans for Saturday, I have included a tentative schedule for Saturday’s


8:00 Conference Registrations, Jeanne Grealish, NCTM

8:00-11:00 Coffee, Tea, Lobby (Albuquerque Music Teachers, Host)

8:00-5:00 Piano Honors Auditions, Performance Hall, Larry Blind, Chairman

9:00-4:00 Exhibits in Lobby

9:00-10:15 Piano Master Class, Chorus Room, Ferrell Roberts, Host

Clinician: Marina Magazinnik

10:15-5:00 White Elephant “Treasures” Sale — Charlene Cox-Clifton, chairman

10:30-11:45 Teacher’s RoundTable Discussion. Dr. Gary Ingle, Presenter, CEO MTNA

Benefits of MTNA membership/ question/answer session of relevant teacher


11:45-1:00 Lunch on your own

1:00-2:00 Music Bowl Theory Competition, Terri Reck, Chairman

1:00-4:00 Non-Piano Honors Auditions, Chorus Room, Larry Blind, Chairman

2:15-4:30 Ensemble Recital, Band Room, Melissa Toedtman, Chairman

4:30-5:00 Last chance to purchase items at the White Elephant “Treasures” Sale.

5:00-7:00 Dinner on your own

7:00-10:00 MTNA and PMTNM Honors Winner’s Recital, Performance Hall

Reception for families, friends and performers immediately following recital.

Hosted by: Albuquerque Music Teachers Association.

Please feel free to contact me with your concerns and comments.

Jan King, NCTM

President, PMTNM 575 439 1214 jking1214@msn.com

Sept, 2017 Conference Coming! Register soon!

Hi to all you hard-working musicians! It has been a great month and start to the new year of students wanting to learn music. Isn’t this a great profession?

I spent three days in Cincinnati at the MTNA headquarters for the yearly Summit meeting for presidents of each state. What a treat to meet musicians and teachers from all over the country. At the end of this letter are some pictures that my friend from Indiana (Amy) shared with me. She takes much better pictures than I do. I learned a lot and want to share my experience with you at the Conference and in future newsletters.

FALL CONFERENCE — November 9 – 11, 2017 Albuquerque Sheraton

By now you should have received your Segue by email. It has the registration information for the conference, but in case you have lost yours, the forms are available on the PMTNM website.

Hotel Registration with special price — deadline October 10, 2017

Conference Registration — regular price — deadline October 27, 2017

You may still register after that date but prices will increase.

Why pay more? Register early.

Board meeting will be at 3 PM and General Meeting will be at 5 PM. This is a change from previous years. Plan on seeing your Board in action. 5 PM Thursday Night!


Terri Reck has stepped up to run the Music Bowl this year and it will have a new look. This is a fun event for students of all ages to test their music theory knowledge. There will be three levels: Level I, II, III. Deadline to register is October 19. You will be receiving more information through an e-blast and it will also be on the web. Be sure and come to this event and watch the students show off their knowledge. Contact Terri at terrireck@earthlink.net for further information.


“More than One is Twice the Fun or three times or four” etc depending on how many are experiencing the joy of making music together. The Ensemble Recital is an event for all ages and levels. The youngest beginners can play duets with their teachers; teachers can bring a duet partner; vocalists and instrumentalists can come with their with their collaborative pianists. Memorization is not required. This is not a competition. The time limit is 5 minutes give or take a few minutes. The entry fee is $15 per player which entitles them to be in the Music Bowl, to listen to the Honors Auditions, and to browse in the exhibits.
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July, 2017

Hi to all. This has been a busy month with lots of activity for PMTNM. Below are the highlights of what your Board of Directors has been doing.

First of all, fall competitions are fast approaching, and details will be published in the August issue of Segue. Watch for it and get your students ready!

Next we have had some changes in vice presidents in our organization. Due to Charles Blanchard moving to Phoenix, Madeline Williamson has stepped up to head the NE1 District of Honors. And Melissa Toedtman who was State Honors Chair has stepped down, and Larry Blind of Albuquerque will be the new head of Honors. We thank both Larry and Madeline for stepping up to these important positions.

Having said that, we need people to be judges, timers, and other various volunteers for the Honors Saturday. If you are interested in helping or becoming a judge, please con- tact your district vice president for details. We are trying to involve more members in the administration of our organization. Many of us have served for many years (includ- ing me) and we are getting tired. We need you younger folk to get involved.

We are happy to report three new members in the Albuquerque area. Please welcome them. Ms. Maria Eugenia Kuajara 505 331-0453 (violin and music education); Yitong Xiao 575 219-9245 (piano, theory), and Marcus Allen York (505-401-8951 (piano).

We are sad to report that one of our members Marta Dee has passed away. Please send condolences to Family of Marta Dee, P.O. Box 91961, Albuquerque, NM 87199-1961

Plans are coming progressing for our fall conference to be held at the Sheraton Albu- querque and at the Albuquerque Academy. (November 9-12) Friday will be the Sympo- sium similar to last year featuring music and wellness with several speakers; the semi- annual board meetings will be held on Thursday afternoon, and honors activities on Saturday. We are still looking for speakers and master class leaders for Saturday, so please contact Lee Egbert (our vice president) or me so we can plan our schedule.

We need someone to run the Music Bowl on Saturday as Lauryn Bomse has stepped down. The Music Bowl is a game where students compete to answer music theory questions in order to win prizes. If you would like to do this, please contact me. jking1214@msn.com

More than One is Twice the Fun or three times or four etc depending on how many are experiencing the joy of making music together. The Ensemble Recital is an event for all ages and levels. The youngest beginners can play duets with their teachers; teach- ers can bring a duet partner; vocalists and instrumentalists can come with their with their collaborative pianists. Memorization is not required. This is not a competition. The time limit is 5 minutes give or take a few minutes. The entry fee is $10 per player which entitles them to be in the Music Bowl , to listen to the Honors Auditions, and to browse in the exhibits.

This is a great opportunity to share the joy of making music together. Contact Melissa Toedtman at melissatoedtman23@gmail.com for further information or to sign up. The deadline for signing up is October 25.

The Board decided to have an additional fund raiser at the fall conference on Saturday at Albuquerque Academy. If you have any new or gently used items that could be sold for a donation, please email Charlene Cox-Clifton with what you have. (ccc1189@gmail.com.) She will be in charge of seeing how many tables etc. we will need, and Jeanne Grealish has a helper who will take in the money. Thank you both for helping us raise money!

As you can see, it has been a busy month. Please feel free to contact me at any time: jking1214@msn.com . I am happy to hear from you and eager to get more of you in- volved in the running of our organization.

Jan King,
NCTM President, PMTNM

June 14, 2017 Summer News PMTNM

Greetings from Alamogordo. How can it be that it is summer time already and we are planning for our fall conference. I trust you all are enjoying your summer holidays and an easier schedule as I am.

Jeanne Grealish and Sharon Kunitz are working with Dr. Patricia Repar for another fantastic Conference Symposium at the Sheraton Hotel. The focus will again be on music and wellness. The Honors competitions

will again be held at Albuquerque Academy on November 11, 2017, and the winner’s recital will be held that evening. MTNA competitions will be held October 28th. Deadlines for scholarship applications and honors are fast approaching, so please see details elsewhere in this Segue.

Lee Egbert and I are planning the Saturday activities, and we need your help. We need someone to do the piano master class and also the voice master class. Please let me know soon if you are interested in doing that. We also need a couple of volunteers to help with the planning of the Conference. Please volunteer!

We also are going to have a “Treasures” sale to help raise money for our organization. If you have any nice items you would like to donate, we will set up a table in the lobby for people to place these items. Please look for your items and plan on bringing them to the conference. You will need to determine a price for these items, and we will have a non- member volunteer monitor the table to take the money raised. If you would like to help with this project, please volunteer! We need to know who is bringing what and how much so we can plan for table space, etc.

As you know by now, Dianne Brehmer Bailey has had some health issues and Jeanine Zenge has stepped up to help get this issue out on time. Thanks to Douglas, Dianne and Bette Castoria for their continuing presence in producing the Segue.

We would like to thank all of you who donated to the fund raiser campaign that Jeanne Grealish started this year to help us with our budget shortfall. Over $4500 was donated to the organization by our members. Thank you all so much!

And lastly, if you have not checked out our web site lately, it has a new look, and several new features. Please check it out. We are trying to keep it current and have all correspondence and news there so it will be changing monthly. Our thanks to Douglas and Dianne for their hard work.

That’s all for now. We’ll see you soon at the fall competitions (don’t forget the deadlines) and at the Conference in November. Have a great rest of the summer.

May 8, 2017 Spring News PMTNM

Greetings from Alamogordo:

The Board of PMTNM recently had their spring meeting and several items were discussed that were of interest to the general membership.

Due to our budget woes, this year we will not be hiring outof- state judges for our competitions. It was decided to pay judges $50 per hour with no per diem for mileage or hotels. This will become effective July 1, 2017.

The new Honors Chair is Melissa Toedtman and non-piano Honors Chair is Marion Pack. Charles Blanchard is the new District VP for the NE I area. Thanks to both of you for stepping up to these positions.

It was decided instead of the auction of previous years that we would have a “treasures or items from the attic” table to which people will donate. The donor will put a price on them for a fund raiser at our next conference. So if you have any nice treasures that you no longer use or were given, here is your chance to offer them to someone else and help our organization. Monies raised will go into the general fund.

We discussed where to put the Composition winner in the program this year. Ron Grinage will work on this. The concern was that the winners’ concert is too long; however, if we limit the winners to one piece or one movement of no more than five minutes, it may be possible to include the Composition Winners. Several of last year’s competition winners were upset because they had such a small audience at the Ensemble Recital.

It was also suggested that maybe the Teacher of the Year could be at the dinner instead of the evening recital. Since there were no nominations for the 2017 Teacher of the Year, none was selected. Any PMTNM teacher may be nominated. So get your nominations for the 2018 Teacher of the Year to secretary Jeanne Grealish for consideration at next April’s Board Meeting. Please see the selection guidelines in the handbook and submit the nomination form along with the required resume.

We also discussed the PMTNM website and how to make it more current and up-todate. It was decided to add tabs called “Current Events” and “Focus on Special Members”. Please help us out and check your name and email address on the website and let us know of any errors. In addition, check the city and make sure you are listed there.

We also discussed the paying of MTNA/PMTNM dues on time. Dues are due by June 30 but accepted all year. We are proposing that if members are not paid by the time school starts in the fall (September 1) that they be removed from the active member list on the web site.

Lee Egbert, our vice president, presented the results of the questionnaire that was sent out and there were some interesting comments. These will be on the website shortly. Please take time to read them.

Lee and I are planning the Saturday activities for the fall conference, and Jeanne Grealish and Sharon Kunitz along with Dr. Patricia Repar are taking care of the Friday symposium. We are looking for presenters to do a vocal and piano master class. Also we would welcome an application from any member who wishes to share an hour presentation in their area of expertise. Do let us know if you’d like to be considered for any of these spots.

And lastly as we engage in our end of year recitals, competitions, etc., remember that we do make a difference in our students’ lives. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Please become involved with this great organization.

Jan King PMTNM President

April 11, 2017

A message from your president:

I have returned from the MTNA national conference in Baltimore, and I would like to give you some highlights of the sessions.

First off, there were three teachers from New Mexico who registered and attended: Jeanne Grealish as Young Artist Coordinator, Tatiana Vetrinskaya, and me as your president. Congratulations to Southwest Division winner Stefan Biller of Albuquerque, who competed in the Senior Voice competitions. His teacher, Jacquie Zander-Wall, came to support him and hear his performance.

Also two of our members received a Teacher Enrichment Grant from MTNA. Congratulations to Jacque Zander-Wall and ENMU faculty member Anna Hersey for receiving these awards for summer projects.

This is probably the 20th or so National Conference that I have attended, and I am always amazed at how energized I become after attending one of these events. Not only do you interact with teachers from all over the country, but you get to see all the latest innovations, software, and music presented by nearly every publisher and manufacturer in the United States. If you have never gone, I would encourage you to do so.

Some of the discussions we had with other state presidents included:

1. Journal and announcements: email versus snail mail. Most states are doing what we are doing and eventually going to go all on-line for notices and applications. However, in the meantime, all members who do not have email accounts will continue to receive a printed directory and a printed newsletter. Some states charge extra for this to cover postage. Others do not. Currently, we do not.

2. Engaging Young Members. One of the more interesting conversations I had was with the California representative who described how they were engaging the younger people to join the membership. They have a group called the Young Professionals where they meet once a month on campuses to discuss anything from how to start a studio to teaching methods. It’s an open forum, and it encourages younger members to get involved.
We recognize the need in our state for an ITMF (Independent Music Teachers Forum) chairman, and would like to see a committee formed who could contact the various colleges the the state. We would like to see if we can’t get more involvement from the college professors to encourage these students to join MTNA.

3. State Conference. One of the things I would like to see in our Conference in November is a return to sessions in which the members share their expertise. I would like to have a call for proposals for sessions to be held on Saturday during the Honors competitions. I would also like to see a return of an evening concert on Friday night. Here again, perhaps one of our members could do that. If you would be interested in presenting a session and/or know of anyone who would like to perform on Friday evening, please let me know.

4. Engaging More Members. One of my aims as president is to engage more members in the administration and running of the organization. We have several positions open including the ITMF. Some of our officers are doing double duty. We need your help. A few hours a month will do it. Please let me know if you would be willing to become involved.

5. Finances. And lastly, most of you have received the letter from Jeanne Grealish, our secretary-treasurer regarding the condition of our budget last year. Please be assured that we as an organization are solvent, we’ve just gotten off track during the last few years. Our operating budget is suffering from year to year because of rising costs to put on the conferences and competitions, and we don’t have as many members paying dues. We will be having a budget meeting soon for next year, and at our spring board meeting will address this problem to avoid future mishaps. We need to increase our income and control our costs so that we come out even. In the meantime, if you can help with fund-raisers or contributions, we will appreciate your help.

We need to ask State district vice presidents to send out letters to membership to please pay dues on time. It is hard to plan a budget when renewals come in so slowly. Membership dues are due by June 30.

And as we go into our spring round of recitals and activities, happy music making. We do make a difference in our students’ lives. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas or concerns.

Sincerely, Jan King President, PMTNM