Hao-Wen (Wendy) Ge: Taiwan, London, United States

Hao-wen (Wendy) Ge, Taiwanese pianist, is experienced to work within many musical areas: vocal and chamber music, church music, choral work, etc. She has performed in Taiwan, London and United States as a solo recitalist, chamber pianist and collaborative musician. Wendy also participated as a collaborative pianist in recording ‘Thanksgiving’, an album which was nominated by

New Member Kim Bakkum: Piano in Taos

Pianist Kim Bakkum has recently relocated to Taos from the Akron/Cleveland area, where she has been performing, teaching, adjudicating, and working in community arts for twenty five years. She holds her professional degrees in piano performance from Montana State University, Western Michigan University, and the AIMS Opera and Lieder program in Graz, Austria. She has

Annata Black: The Craft of Creative Artistry

New member, Annata Black, has a wide range of experience in piano performance, music education and somatic practices. Annata’s teaching draws upon a range of study and depth of experience. Her intent is to discover how each student might: Access his/her innate musical and somatic intelligence, thus expanding beyond habitual limits. Gain the confidence and joy