Segue Summer – Fall 2015

President’s Message

Sharon Kunitz, NCTM
For several years, I have followed in my mother’s tradition of recording daily events in a journal. The summer of 2015 has been pleasant, monsoon green, and refreshing, and the daily journal notes have been interesting and varied.

#1–After the May spring recitals and PEP auditions, attending the Colorado State Music Teachers’ Association (CSMTA) in Pueblo was my first week in June entry. Since PMTNM’s budget did not permit our hosting a full conference this November, we graciously accepted their invitation to attend their event as members of their association.

The opening recital was presented by Antonio Pompa-Baldi, Steinway Artist and Distinguished Professor at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Everyone agreed that the program was mesmerizing and a thrill to hear! He also presented a master class before departing for other engagements in San Francisco. Martha Hilley, popular pedagogue from University of Texas, also presented lectures and a master class.

One presenter of interest was Dr. Lisa Campi Walters, piano faculty at Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO. She is available to judge, perform and present at our state’s activities. At the annual meeting, their business issues reflected many of our concerns. With their limited budget (and over 700 members), they need to curtail printing costs also. They voted to send their quarterly News Notes to the members electronically, while sending printed copies to those who request them from the editor.

Their conference next year also will be in Pueblo, the home of the VP for conferences. The college has a new and wonderful arts building, great facilities and pianos. Unfortunately, members from some areas don’t like to venture too far and their registration was not as high as when location is in Metro Denver area, a common problem for several states.

#2–E-blasts were sent to membership with information from the Spring Board meeting concerning the Voice Repertoire Requirements. District V-Ps were contacted to assist them in their leadership.

#3–Having received Madeline Williamson’s letter of resignation, I had to acquaint myself with our governance of the vacancy. As usual, one of our many professional and generous members agreed to fill the position. We are in-debted to you, Jan King, for accepting the VP appointment, and we look forward to your insight and thoughts at the Fall Board Meeting.

#4–Melissa Toedtman has worked vigorously to make arrangements for our November 14, first-time event,STUDENT FESTIVAL DAY! Our limited budget and members’ vocal support for focusing on our students led to this idea. The day’s schedule enables the students to participate in the PMTNM activities and auditions, culminating in the Winners’ Recital that evening. Before the recital, we will honor our Teacher of the Year, Dianne Brehmer Bailey. The parents and students will observe through this recognition that our members are vital to our outreach and professionalism. The complete conference information is presented elsewhere in the SEGUE.

#5–It is time to expand my piano repertoire with practice time. At the MTNA conference in Las Vegas, one of the publishers was featuring a collection of 40 PIAZZOLA TANGOS FOR PIANO. Delving into them has been challenging and fun–time for more in-depth research and study.
Here are wishes to each of you for a positive and re-energizing summer!
If you are in Albuquerque, give a call and we will “do lunch”.
Sharon Kunitz
Special Notice
State VOICE HONORS Policy Change:
At the April meeting, the Board voted
to reinstate the former voice repertoire guidelines to include Broadway and popular selections for the vocal entrants. This is effective immediately, and was intended to make vocal honors auditions more appealing and accessible to prospective participants. We hope to see several entrants at the State Honors.
State HONORS FEE Change:
The portion of the local fee sent to the state shall be increased from $7.00 to $10.00 and the district winner’s fee to the
state shall increase from $20 to $30.
For health reasons, Madeline Williamson has resigned
as Vice President; Jan King of Alamogordo has agreed to accept the position.